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Causes of migraine crisis

Although they did some research, it is not known yet sure which are the elements that cause migraines. Supposedly there are a series of elements that we add over time and that, once reached "critical mass" cause pain parity. The migraine’s triggers differ from one individual to another, but many sufferers said that certain foods or combinations of foods trigger migraine crisis.

Science disagrees with this theory. They did some studies on the role of certain foods to trigger migraine, but could not reach a conclusion pertinent.

Although trigger migraine crisis may be theoretical speaking, any food, sufferers have prepared lists of foods that cause pain. There are some foods that appear on the lists of many personae migraine sufferers. These foods are:

Cheese - is a trigger for many sufferers of migraine, especially the cheese house or consistency. With low fat cheeses do not produce or produce fewer crises.

Processed meat (meat preparations) - seems to cause migraines parity with nitrates found in their composition.

Condiments - dressings and condiments are an important contribution to a crisis of migraine with substances they contain.

Flavor improvers are substances which are added to foods to imitate, modify, add or enhance the flavor of existence naturally in foods. Aroma improvers are substances which in combination with other ingredients have synergistic properties. Improvers of flavoring substances are virtually devoid of taste or flavor, but food in relatively low doses administered, substantially improves the taste attributes of those products. Any of these substances may be migraine triggers of the crisis.

Seasonings that seem to give migraineurs the most trouble include monosodium glutamate (MSG), common in Asian foods, artificial sweeteners, food dyes, and vinegar.

Of course that migraineurs who suspect a food trigger must consider trying an elimination diet to pinpoint the trigger food(s).

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