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Migraine triggers in home

When the crisis is triggered migraine or gives signs that going to be triggered, many personal suffering they go back home to face the pain in a familiar environment. This could be a mistake. According to studies, about 60% of migraine sufferers have the genetically inherited disease, and 40% had disease due to environmental conditions. It is therefore possible that trigger migraines to be patient even in the house. Examples of triggers in your home:
-allergens that exist in any home: molds, mushrooms masonry mobile mites, etc. In these cases it is useful to use air filter.
-Tobacco smoke from people who smoke. These personae should be asked to smoke outside.
Carbon-monoxide - a gas that is resulted after firing, a colorless and odorless. May be issued by the oven gas stove, fireplaces and other devices that work with gas, toxic emanations of the car (if the engine is started in the garage and living room is well sealed).
-Water distribution network - it is recommended to drink still mineral water or purified water. If possible, recommend consumption of boiled and cooled water.
-Chemicals used for driving away insects and rodents.
-Animal-hair - is a strong allergen, in case of migraine sufferer comes to realize that the crisis of migraine is caused by animal hair, he must give up the animal or make treatment with anti-allergy products.
-Cleaners: they exist in any home, but unfortunately most of them have in composition chlorine, which can cause migraines. It is better to use natural products or even some products without chlorine.

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