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Types of Migraine

Migraine is one of the most complex forms of disease. The disease is very common, affecting women and men, adults and teens alike, migraine affects some even children. Although very unpleasant, headache is often regarded as normal.
Major causes of this disease are viruses, bio-chemical substances, hormones, bacteria. Sensitivity to pain and headaches may be genetic. Insufficient serotonin is also an important factor.

There are 4 types of headache. It is important to know what shape affects you, because the treatment should be stability depending on the form of pain.

-type migraine headache: (seems to) affects only one side of the head, is very severe, can lead to the affected person unable to perform any activity in May, is accompanied by other symptoms: pain in eye movements, sensation nausea and even vomiting, photosensitivity.

Bunch-type pain: is severe and occurs suddenly, although it is of shorter duration, the pain may leave and return several times during the day.

-triggered by sinus headache from different cause: irritation of sinus, sinus infections, etc. Given its nature, this pain is often confused with “classic” migraine.
-type migraine "rebound" occurs in a waiver of certain drugs, abuse of drugs can cause this type of headache.

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